Paratha is a flat bread that we Indians love to eat. It is a very common food item here, especially in North India. There are ‘n’ numbers of version Β of a paratha. Ask any mother here and she will tell you a different one. So I won’t say that this is a recipe of paratha, it is just an idea to feed some nutrition into people like me who hate spinach and beetroot. 😁I mean who doesn’t like colours. It looks beautiful and tastes nothing like the veggies. Moreover, you don’t have to serve loads of dishes with it, only curd or pickle would do (you can if you want to 😜). It is easy to make (if you have a food processor), tasty and healthy. Children will love it (you don’t have to tell them that it has beetroot and spinach :D).

4 cups whole wheat flour

2 cups plain flour

3 tbsp oil + oil for shallow frying

1/2 cup beetroot puree

1/2 cup blanched spinach puree

1 tsp onion seeds

1 tsp garam masala

1 tsp coriander powder

Salt, to taste

1. Make 3 dough adjusting the liquid content,

a) 2 cups plain flour, onion seeds, salt, 1 tbsp oil and water.

b) 2 cups whole wheat flour, coriander powder, salt, 1 tbsp oil and spinach puree.

c) 2 cups whole wheat flour, garam masala, salt, Β 1 tbsp oil and beetroot puree.

(Do it in the same sequence so that you don’t have to clean the food processor every time)

2. Roll each dough flat, about 2 cm thick.

3. Arrange the dough on top of each other. Green at the bottom and pink on top.

4. Roll in a cylindrical shape. Cut circles with a sharp knife πŸ”ͺdusted with flour (1 inch thick).

5. Roll them out with a rolling pin. Fry on tawa or pan with 1 tbsp oil (each paratha) on medium heat.

Serve hot with curd or pickle or any chutney.
Doesn’t this looks great? πŸ™‚ Every layer will have different flavor from the spices.

I hate spinach, I hate beetroot.. But I absolutely love this! 😍
IMG_20141124_122354 Try different colours like orange carrot, yellow turmeric or red with kashmiri red chilli powder. πŸ˜€

Credit : I got this idea from a masterchef Australia 6 contestant Nicole Cleave who once shared a pic of pasta made with beetroot puree.



20 thoughts on “TRICOLOR PARATHA… Woohooo!!!

  1. Are the onion seeds called Kalaunji too? I have a jar of these that I use when I make Naan on the BBQ grill but I really am not knowledgeable about Onion seeds or Kalaunji. I also toss them in my poppy seed bread because I figure they must serve some health purpose, lol. And no one has complained of the taste.

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    1. Well yes… they are called kalaunji.. and it has ‘n’ numbers of health benefits ( prevents hair loss, diabetes, stomach problems etc). We use it in parathas, namkeen ( Indian snacks made with plain flour and chickpea flour), and there is a fish curry made in bengal with the paste of these seeds.. I tried, but never got the balance right :p


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