After chocolate my next favorite flavor is pineapple 🍍☺. I had this idea of making a pineapple tart from long. Just couldn't decide on how to make it different. So I decided on making tartlets having basil pineapple filling topped with coconut cream. My only problem was that I don't have tartlet moulds 😁. I … Continue reading BASIL PINEAPPLE & COCONUT TARTLETS.. Pretty, eh??


LAYERED BUTTERSCOTCH MOUSSE (or turn it into any flavor you like)

My first post with a sweet, easy recipe and tricks… 😀 #repost

The Greedy Foodie

Hello again fellas!👋

So let’s start with dessert. I was born with a sweet tooth. I like to have sweet whenever I am stressed or if there is some occasion or may be when we have a guest, actually I like it after dinner also…mmm…and sometimes I make something sweet for breakfast.😁

See, this is why I can’t have fancy dessert always. So I am sharing one of my recipes that looks pretty but it is not too difficult. I will give you some alternatives; you can go with whichever is comfortable for you.:)

Here we go.


For the chocolate sponge

4 tbsp cocoa powder,

¾ cup plain flour,

3 large eggs,

½ cup castor sugar,

1 tsp vanilla essence,

1 tsp baking powder


Brown bread slices,

4 tbsp chocolate syrup


1 packet butterscotch chips,

2 cups whipping cream,

¼ cup powdered sugar


Readymade custard or make…

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